My Mentor

Cinders was the oldest cat in this household. (CyndiCat, you were named after her and she was a “tiger-tortie” like you.)   plaincindersShe was extremely wise and magical and was the care-giver and the leader, even with the dogs and the human. When she saw how well I took care of Iggy she was pleased and she said to me, “Sunny, you are to take my place. I must leave soon for the rainbow field. I feel that this family will be fine with you in charge.” A few days later, she fell into her forever sleep lying on the couch next to the human. The weight of her concerns were now on my shoulders.


Enter Iggy

Nov 2013 037Well, Kitties, I was in this woman’s house for a few months when the love of my life entered this home. She was the cutest little long-haired calico who had been found with broken bones where she had been kicked. She was only thirteen weeks old and had to stay in a cage until healed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I laid for hours by her cage playing with her, talking to her of my adventures on the road and listening to her sad story. Another nice lady had found her and taken her to the vet. Between you and me, the vet didn’t do anything to help her. I’m the one who gave her the love and attention that made her well. I was as proud as a parent when she became the highest jumper of all of the cats in this home.

Sunny Finds his new home

cats-sunny-2I began to get comfortable so sometimes I slipped out to eat when the woman was still around. One day she was using that machine that blows snow. I was eating when it came blasting down the driveway and I ran into the garage and hid under an old work table. She closed the garage door and then sat on the steps leading into the kitchen. She started talking to me like, “Don’t be afraid….You’re welcome here…. You can come inside where it’s warm IF you promise to be an inside cat.” I understood…So I started talking to her as I came out from under the table. She was so kind, gentle and inviting me. I couldn’t resist and before you could say “Jack Be Nimble” I was in her lap.

I knew I was home.  Needless to say, that with this woman being like she was, I shared the home with other cats and dogs.

Come, Hear my Story

Black Velvet 004 Come kitties, Paddy and CyndiCat, and listen.  I have a story to share and you may learn from me.

When I was about your age, probably three like Paddy here (Paddy is the Black Kitty.), I wandered away from home and it began top snow. The snow covered my tracks and I lost my way. The birds saw that I was lost and told me about this house where a wpman had a sign on her door that cats were welcome. They said, “She puts food out for stray cats every day by her garage door.” Well, I was getting very hungry. The snow was not very filling and the mice were all snug in their underground homes.

( This story continues on the previous post)

Sunny Continues His Story

I soon found the house with good food just inside of the open garage door. After filling my tummy, I needed a safe place to sleep. There were some bushes in front of the house near the garage door. They were about three feet high so I found it easy yo climg ove the snow and hide behind the bushes. The woman who lives there laughed when she saw me come up over the snow and then run back over the snow to hide behind the bushes. She said, “You are just like sun up and sun down.” You see I am a long haired orange/yellow cat. She said, “Do you mind if I call you sunshine?” Later, she shortened my name to Sunny.master-teacher