Sunny Finds his new home

cats-sunny-2I began to get comfortable so sometimes I slipped out to eat when the woman was still around. One day she was using that machine that blows snow. I was eating when it came blasting down the driveway and I ran into the garage and hid under an old work table. She closed the garage door and then sat on the steps leading into the kitchen. She started talking to me like, “Don’t be afraid….You’re welcome here…. You can come inside where it’s warm IF you promise to be an inside cat.” I understood…So I started talking to her as I came out from under the table. She was so kind, gentle and inviting me. I couldn’t resist and before you could say “Jack Be Nimble” I was in her lap.

I knew I was home.  Needless to say, that with this woman being like she was, I shared the home with other cats and dogs.


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