Ready, Set, Go !

(Sunny continues:)

When we started out on the road in our new Motor Home, we were 10 : seven cats, two dogs and one human.

In the circles below starting at the top row are Termite, that’s me on the driver’s seat; Second row are Peanut, Paco and Jelly; Third Row are Iggy and Truffles showing off the cat playground in the back room, Butter and Bandit.


The back room of our house on wheels became the cats’ room. It came set up as a human’s bedroom. But this woman, let’s call her Tumbleweed, cut holes in the box under the bed to give us hiding places. This was especially important for Termite who was shy and always needed a place to hide. She filled the empty spaces with things for us to climb up on. She placed our food dishes on the bed so the dogs couldn’t get into it. Of course we had two litter boxes since there were 7 of us and we had to share. She eventually pulled out the little TV which freed up a high nook for Iggy, who was the high jumper and loved to hang out like a bird in a high nest.

In case you are curious, since we had the bedroom, the human slept on the couch.



(Sunny continues)

The picture with the snow shows how things looked when I arrived at this house.We had a good life for a few more years in this house that was a haven for cats and a couple of dogs. I took my job seriously, greeting anyone who came into our home and watching out for all of the 4-leggeds.

Then, one day, the human came into the house all excited and said to us, “We’re going on a long trip together. We will be moving into a house on wheels. Sunny, I need you to make sure that all are safe.”

If I thought those days when I wandered on foot was being “on the road”, I soon found out that it was child’s play compared to traveling in your own home. We became like TURTLE, carrying our home with us. Only this was faster!