Take Your Seat, Please!

(Sunny continues his story)

When we were traveling on the road in the beginning, Tumbleweed told all of us cats to get in the bedroom and she would close the door to try to make us safe. The two dogs stayed up front and usually traveled in the carrier. Jelly felt safe there and Peanut would push in to be with him. When we stopped at the road-side rest stops, she took the dogs outside to potty. After they came back inside she would open our door so we could move about and see the landscape where we were. This worked well for a while until we convinced her that she could trust us and she began to leave the door open so we could pick our own riding places.

butter-paco(they look innocent sleeping near each other here)      When Paco and Butter had a ‘tiff’ on the dash while she was driving through a construction area, she laid down the law: “NO CATS on the dash while I’m  driving.”  Then she said, “SUNNY, you sit up here next to me and keep the others off the dash.”  That’s how I became the co-pilot of this fantastic tour bus for cats and dogs.sunny


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