The Singing Dog

(Sunny continues his travel stories)

One morning Tumbleweed decided to have toast. Apparently the smoke alarm didn’t like toast so it began a high-pitched shrill sound. It hurt my ears and I suggested to Tumbleweed to turn on the fantastic fan to get rid of the smoke and clear the air.

However, Jelly reacted the way he always did when he heard a siren. He sat up in “wolf mode” and began to howl. Since he was musically inclined, he matched the pitch of the smoke alarm. Tumbleweed finally got the alarm to stop. Only then did Jelly quit howling and settled down.jelly   The alarm got exercised because Tumbleweed was always burning something when she cooked. It would then sound like Jelly was howling for his dinner, too. After enough incidents, Tumbleweed found all the means of clearing the smoke: open the windows, turn on the fantastic fan in the kitchen ceiling, or the exhaust fan over the stove.

We soon moved our motor home to the other side of Ohio near Dayton so Tumbleweed could visit with the rest of her family. This park was called Enon Beach and was not as nicely clipped as Sun Valley. There was a railroad track near the park on an overhead pass. The train crackled across the tracks in the middle of the night and the engineer would blow the whistle as he neared the park. Of course, Jelly would go into wolf mode and howl in pitch  with the train whistle.

No matter how often he was told that there is a rule in all RV parks requiring quiet from about 10 PM until 9 AM, Jelly never got it. He would just say: “It’s not my fault. I didn’t start the noise!”

What else can you expect from a dog?



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