On to Indiana

(Sunny continues his travel story)

We (the four legged travelers) soon learned that when Tumbleweed started putting everything away, checking all the cupboards to see that they were  tight and/or locked, we had to watch out. The motorhome soon became smaller. We had a slider which moved the wall out three feet when we were parked for a few days. She told us to get our toys out of the way and move to the back of the RV. truffles   Truffles was the first one who found the gap between the ceiling and the top of the slider. She was pulled out before she got too far. She could be crushed when the slider moved back out. Tumbleweed started stuffing old blankets in the opening to keep cats out. What a spoil sport!

After pulling in all of our hook-ups, we headed West to Indiana. Tumbleweed wanted to see the area where the Limberlost had been. Her favorite author, Gene Stratton-Porter had lived  there and written about it in many of her stories. The forest, the swamp and the oil from under the area were all gone. However, there was an effort in place to recover the wetlands.  There was a museum dedicated to the history of The Limberlost and to Gene Stratton-Porter.

While Tumbleweed wandered through the museum and grounds, we were being experimented with. Our “bus” was in the parking lot and not plugged in. It was hot and muggy so Tumbleweed turned the generator on to run the air-conditioner. It was temperamental (or she just didn’t know what she was doing). Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn.t

We soon moved on to an Amish Farm that had been converted into an RV Park. We were lucky to get a site that had all of the hook-ups (electric, water and sewer) Now the air-conditioner was working well and we could cool down and rest.


The park had a nice little pond with a walking trail around it. There were also lots of Canadian Geese that liked the pond. We cats had promised a long time ago that for a home we would be inside cats (forever). The dogs did not have to make that promise. They got to walk around the pond with Tumbleweed a couple times each day. Both Peanut and Jelly liked the morning walks the best.

This was Jelly’s first encounter with geese. I think he liked them because he laid down and rolled in their poop. What a mess! Tumbleweed made him stay outside in a pen until she could get warm water and soap to bathe him. It helped him look better AND smell better.

WHAT A STUPID DOG!  Why do cats have to put up with dogs?


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