Moving Out

Sunny is back to continue his tales:

We headed back to my first real home in Fulton, NY. I had forgotten how big the house was and it felt good running up and down stairs and out onto the closed in porches. Tumble weed said: “Enjoy the space while you can. The motor home will soon be our full time home. I need to get the RV in for service to replace the front AC fan motor and have the board replaced in the generator.”

While the servicing was being done, she started packing up everything in the house. A man friend helped set up the items to be sold at a “moving sale” and some things would be put into storage. It was great fun checking out all the bags and boxes that appeared and then disappeared. One day we were all shut up stairs while people walked through to buy our stuff.moving-out-2


When the RV was ready, Tumbleweed parked it in the driveway so we could finish packing in what we needed for a long trip that would not end. Friends like Dr. Mary Bochino, DVM stopped in to say good-by. They thought they were funny when they wrapped “CAUTION” tape around the RV as a warning to others on the road with us.

Jelly got really excited and anxious to get going. As soon as he saw a suitcase, he sat down beside  it letting everyone know that HE was ready to go. He barked, “Hurry Up”. He always like riding in any vehicle and didn’t even mind riding to the Vet. That ride (to the Vet) always made me sick.moving out 3.jpg


Towards the end of October, we had a good run through the house to say good-by to the house that had sheltered us through quite a few winters. Then we 4-leggeds moved into the Motorhome in the driveway while Tumbleweed and friends gave the house one last “clean-up” to make sure that everything had been cleaned out. We would now become full-timers on the road with no house to come back to.

moving out 1.jpg


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