Sunny continues his adventure: After Thanksgiving, we moved out of North Carolina. We stopped for a couple days in Santee South Carolina. Tumbleweed said it was time to do laundry and clean up a bit. Then back on the road to Georgia. Tumbleweed had found out about Jekyll Island where friends had stayed and enjoyed the island. From I-95 we found our way to the causeway that led to the offshore Island. The ocean was all around us. AND the place was less commercialized than the other “Golden Isles” of Georgia.

Scan0002This place protected Sea Turtles. We learned a lot from turtles because they knew how to travel with their homes wherever they went. Now we do too.

We had a great time. This is our back room…the cats’ room. Termite and Truffles are lounging on the bed. That handsome cat on top of the window cover is me. I really enjoy climbing around in the RV. We loved the wonderful sea air now that it was warm enough to have a few windows open. Of course, Peanut and Jelly got to go outside and they told us about the beach where they ran on the sand and chased the little sanderlings (the little birds that ran around near the ocean)

Everything was going fine until Tumbleweed was cleaning our room and found a crack in the back wall. She was going to blame us.  We just all looked dumb as though we didn’t know anything about it. “We did have a fantasy that if the crack opened up, we could all sneak out as she drove down the road. It could have been a high adventure.”

But then she went to check the outside of the back wall. I’ll let her tell you about it:

Tumbleweed speaking: I had bought the RV second hand. It was a great deal. The prior owners had added some good things to the original RV…most of them good adds. However, they had a special piece added on the back to carry their spare tire. The vertical bar attached to the back wall was not braced on the bumper and as we drove from New York to Georgia, the weight of the tire had started to pull the bar loose at the top and then push in at the bottom…thus the crack in the wall. Luckily we had good neighbors, Wayne and Eileen. Wayne had been a truck driver and had the strength and the right tools to remove the tire. (We carried it the rest of our journey in the cats’ room.) We spent an extra day to give the gel that I used to fill and cover the crack. It did work to keep it dry and lasted until the spring when we returned to New York. Below is the RV without the tire on the back.

Scan0001Sunny speaking: We enjoyed using the tire as a new scratching post. Luckily, it never had to be used as a replacement tire on the road.


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