Recall = Repair = Waiting

(Sunny continues his travel stories)

While still in Punta Gorda, we had our first Christmas in our home on wheels. What seems strange is the lack of snow and cold weather. Can this really be Christmas in December? xmas-ga-3…..or do you think it’s July?

Tumbleweed received mail that was not a Christmas greeting. It let us know that there was a recall on our brakes!! We were able to get another month in Punta Gorda waiting for our appointment for the brake work.
When we finally got to the RV shop we found out that the new brakes were on back order. It would be another month. So we drove carefully to the Everglades. I did not like alligator alley. Not only were there alligators near the road but a high fence was in place to keep the panthers away from the road.

We stayed in a nice park but some spots were still being cleaned up from the last hurricane. Once we got settled in our spot, I warned Butter not to try his trick of jumping out the opening in the screen for the handle. It just might be his last jump.

Late one night Truffles and Iggy were in the hallway in hunter mode in front of a lower drawer near the floor. Tumbleweed opened the drawer very carefully thinking that there might be a mouse. However, they found Paco. When Josephine put her shoes in and took out her slippers, he must have climbed in and she closed the drawer. He went from one drawer to another and rearranged everything. PACO

Look at the size of this little Maine-coon mix! I don’t know how he fit!

We were finally able to return up to Ft. Meyers where the RV shop now had the brakes to replace ours.  Now we can head to the east side of Florida and take a look at the Atlantic Ocean.


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