Time to Head North

Sunny, the Elder Cat, Continues his travel story:

It was time for us to head north. Jo was getting anxious to get on with her new life at the senior residence. Tumbleweed was still concerned about the back wall. She had nightmares dreaming about we cats slipping out the back as she drove down the road leaving us scattered along I-95.

Since we spent most of our Florida time near the Gulf of Mexico…and a little too close to alligators for my comfort…we stopped for a couple of nights at a park on an outer bank of Florida where we were surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean except where the causeway reached out from the mainland.Jo Ocean

Jo went out with her big shady hat to sit on the beach and enjoy watching the waves. However, it turned out to be windy and she soon wanted to come back to the RV where she didn’t have to hold on to her hat to keep it from blowing.

Soon we were on the road backtracking on the roads that we used coming south. When we got to Oswego, NY we were really ready to sit still and be able to sleep on the dash which we couldn’t do while driving. (Remember: No cats allowed on the dash while the RV is in motion.)

We delivered Jo to her new residence. She had just moved in after selling the farm when she decided to go to Florida with us. Now she needed time to get used to her place and all the new people that she would be living with.

We were enjoying Lake Ontario and our site at Sunset RV Park. But Tumbleweed wanted to get the back wall repaired so she soon moved all of us cats to Paws and Effect to board there while the RV was being repaired. Peanut and Jelly were going with Tumbleweed and staying in a motel near the Camping World where the repairs were to be done. Lucky dogs!!

We had a good time in our temporary quarters where someone fed us, changed our litter pans and let us out to play in a large room for a while each day. More space than we had in the RV. Termite was the only one who didn’t enjoy this foray.TermiteHe was so shy and all he wanted to do was hide. But this was like being in a fish bowl and sometimes the “keepers” forgot to give him his blanket to hide under. They got him mixed up with Butter who never wanted to hide. He was just a big show-off.

Though we were well treated and well taken care of, we all were glad to get into our crates to be carried back to the RV. No matter how good things are, there is no place like home. Most of us really appreciated that sound: HOME. We had been wanderers or shifted from home to shelter etc. so we really had good feelings of coming home….even if our home was on wheels.


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