Headed for Boot Camp

Sunny, our elder cat continues his travels:

So we were, at home: our northern home (base) for the summer (and many more to come). We enjoyed being parked at Sunset RV Park at our site that looked straight out onto Lake Ontario. We could lie on the dash and look out at the waves in our salt-less ocean Enjoying the sunsets and feeling safe when the wind blew across at us from Canada.May in NY 2014 009.JPG

One day we had a nice surprise. Tumblweed’s friends, Frances and Arlene, were parking their RV right next to ours. They had driven from Colorado with their little West Highland Terrier to visit relatives in the area. They wanted to see our RV home. We all had a nice visit.

Later in the summer, Tumbleweed decided that we should all go to an Escapade for Escapees (a club for RVers with headquarters in Livingston Texas.) So, we pulled in the slider in September so we could drive our home to Van Wert, Ohio. It’s on the west side of Ohio.

We filled up our holding tank with lots of water. I didn’t understand why because she said we would be dry camping. Later, I understood that that meant that we would not have a hook-up for water like in this park. She also said that she signed us up for the RV Boot Camp. But how could that be? We didn’t have any boots? Again, I soon found out that SHE was doing the boot camp to learn all she could about our RV home so that we could be safe and understand how everything worked.

Boot Camp.jpg

So, we headed to the Van Wert Fairgrounds where we parked with the most RV’s that I had ever seen. We parked with the ones who wanted to be able to use their generators. Tumbleweed didn’t want to take a chance of running just on our batteries. We would be limited to certain hours when we could use the generator and that was when she fed us. The generator running told us to expect food. There were some hot days sot it also meant that the air conditioner could run for a little while. Wearing fur coats can heat you up in the summer!

Other people had cats and dogs too. Tumbleweed learned from one of the men about a litter called “small Spaces”…it smelled better in our RV.

We soon found that we were “just along for the ride”…she was gone a lot and came home each day excited about new things she learned.  She also bought a few new tools and extra fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. She pointed out to us a little green light close to the floor by the sink. It was the alarm built in to let you know if you had a propane leak. I tested it: I sat right up against it and farted! It worked…and Tumbleweed got all excited until she saw that I had done it.

One of the last things we did on the day we were leaving was to get our tires checked (with verification of proper psi) and have our RV weighed on special scales to see if we were balanced with the weight we had stored. She made us divide up where we were sitting to spread our weight. We got really high marks for our distribution of weight.

Parking at Escapade.jpg

We went back to Lake Ontario feeling really smart. Tumbleweed went back concerned about the age of our tires (she had bought the RV second hand) and now had learned that the age of the tires are identified on the tires by the date they were made. It seems that the age is more important than the number of miles.  So she explained this to her friend Kyle at the supply store and had her order new tires and make sure that they were made this year. Her friend also helped her get a spare tire holder that was a converted bike holder made to attach to the rear hook-up for towing. Nice and strong and NOT pulling weight on the back wall.

We spent time planning our path for the coming winter…I, personally, tore up the maps that I felt were useless and therefore had the most say in the trail to follow in November.


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